The perfect team — Empowering youth in Austin to build confidence through skills and trade. 

hoto Credit  Peter Hellberg

Travis Warren


"Come, let us put our minds together to see what kind of lives we can create for our children." -Sitting Bull

Travis Warren is the heart of East of Cameron. His personal journey from a life of limited choices to his roles as father, husband, friend, and community leader led him to found our organization. It is his mission to provide support, guidance, and—most importantly—opportunity for the children of Austin.

Morgan Wommack


Morgan Wommack is a second generation Austinite raised in the music industry. This mother of two is also a professional photographer and has been published in magazines such as Texas Music and Rolling Stone. Bringing her knowledge and experience together for the first time in a non-profit organization, she hopes to show the children of Austin that they have options in life and help guide them in the direction of their choosing.

hoto Credit:  Mitya Ku

Lynn Cowles

executive director

A devoted supporter of community-based education, Lynn Cowles has lived in Austin since 2008 and worked as an educator, researcher, writer, volunteer, and community organizer. After spending the past seven years teaching at The University of Texas at Austin, she recently completed a PhD there in humanities research. In addition to her work with East of Cameron, she has also directed her efforts toward grant-writing for the Institute for Community Development, U.S. & Abroad, and she serves as Program Coordinator for CantoMundo, the nation's only poetry retreat developed for Latina and Latino writers, here in Austin every summer. A lover of Texas sunshine, she spends some of her time playing soccer, bicycling around town, and swimming at Barton Springs. 


Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Denis O'Donnell

director of operations

Denis O’Donnell is an Austin entrepreneur and business owner. His experience in the service and music industries of Austin led to his role as community leader, lobbying for revised zoning laws for Austin’s downtown cultural centers and his work with local support organizations such as Austin Music People.



Scott Nelson 

Curriculum Advisor

Scott Nelson is an educator, consultant, and entrepreneur. With over 14 years’ experience teaching in higher education and after-school programs in Washington, Alabama, and Texas, he brings research, theory, and practice together to develop an innovative and effective program.


Kristian Caballero.jpg

Kristian Caballero

Community Outreach Liaison

Kristian Caballero is an El Paso native, graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso in 2009, with a degree in Political Science and Legal Reasoning. Since graduating, she has worked as a paralegal for various Austin-area law firms while simultaneously building her stature as an independent activist and community organizer. She collectively works with other community organizers in an effort to address social, environmental, and economic issues. She helped establish the Occupy movement in Austin and facilitated the general assemblies. She also helped initiate the Reproductive Justice Movement in Texas by testifying at the Texas State Capitol, organizing several rallies and marches in protest, and organizing an educational teach-in about the issue and how to participate in activism. Thereafter, she worked on various campaigns in Austin, and she now works as Political Director for the Travis County Democratic Party. She continues to focus her efforts on grassroots organizing with the intention of stimulating further awareness and encouraging further participation in citizen initiative.



Debra Bernstein


Debra Bernstein is a long-time Austin resident and Financial Controller. Crunching numbers and keeping people on their feet, she has worked tirelessly towards the funding and IRS recognition of East of Cameron as a nonprofit organization. Thanks to her work, we are a 501(c)(3)