Our Creed:
Through the labor of our hands, heads and hearts, our community is built and sustained.
Our strength comes from what we do, which makes us who we are.
With confidence and commitment, we ask for all hands in.
We are not a charity.
We are East of Cameron.

East of Cameron offers vocational after-school and summer classes for youth in Austin, Texas. We teach skills in stable industries for future employment and self-sufficiency. Our aim is to give students choices in life: competitive entry-level opportunities that provide a good and sustainable standard of living.

Our participants learn by playing, doing, and making. Drawing on our combined teaching experience of over 20 years, we’ve built our program on game-based, project-oriented learning. Play is common across all cultures, and learners thrive when they are given not only the knowledge and skills of a trade, but also the freedom to be creative and develop their own methods and standards. Self-directed, community service projects make up the core of our program. Students are directly involved with the research, design, and execution of community projects in the following career tracks:


Automotive Technology


Hospitality and Service


East of Cameron organizers have established relationships with Austin-area tradespeople and business owners, and our partners provide the expertise necessary to guide young people in their lives and eventual employment. With the help of parents, teachers, and community, we empower youth to reach greater goals by first achieving small ones in skill acquisition and project development. The spaces in which students learn and work have been built by caring hands—those of volunteers, East of Cameron organizers and directors, and by students themselves.

Reflecting conscious responsibilities to family, community, and self, East of Cameron brings together musicians, artists, tradespeople, teachers, and friends in a learning environment both fun and productive. Come check us out. We’d love to see you.